Water is a wonderful, natural resource.  Just not when it’s flooding a resident’s apartment, condo or home that they’re renting.  From you.  Guess who is ultimately responsible for all that water damage?   That’s right.  You.

     Picture this: a resident gets up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break, let the dog out or finish that half of cheesecake.  They feel something squishy under their feet and look down.  Low and behold, there’s an inch of water throughout the apartment and a big wet spot on the wall.  What happened?  Apparently a pipe burst during the wee hours of the morning and has been flowing like Niagara Falls for hours. 

     So, they call the apartment/condo/manager’s emergency number, only to get a recording beeping back at them.  They wait thirty minutes…sixty minutes…now it’s been an hour and half.  In desperation, they wake the next door neighbor up and tearfully ask what to do.  The neighbor grumpily gets up and turns off the main water valve for them.  You (or a representative) arrive at the apartment at seven am to find extensive water damage. 

     Now, the resident will have to be put up in another unit (don’t forget that addendum lease!) while their unit is dried, cleaned and repaired. 

     What can you do?  There are several ways to prepare for this eventuality.  First, ensure the resident knows where the water shut off valve is.  Second, educate the resident the importance of having renters insurance that covers flood and water damage. Last, make sure you have addendum lease options and a plan of action to temporarily relocate the resident when it’s the property’s fault.

     No one wants to be caught off guard.

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