Tenants Faced with Short Sales

Tenants are facing siuations where the owner has no choice to short their property. Althoough it is a bit of an inconvenience, you are protected with your lease. If you had a lease and did not renew, that's a different story. Take a moment to watch this short video chock full of great information.

Most owners try their best to hold on to their properties, but when the financial pressure gets over whelming, they opt to sell short. We have had to notify numerous tenants that the property was going to be sold in a short sale.It's never an easy call to make. Fortunately our tenants have been very understanding and cooperative with helping make the property easy to view. Owners have provided incentives for the inconvience. 

If you are faced with a property that enters into a short sale, you are protected for the duration of the lease. However, so is the owner, tenants who stop paying their rent because the property is being sold short are in default with their lease and face eviction for non-payment. The fact that the owner is selling short, or perhaps even foreclosing has no effect on the terms of the lease.

At Showcase Property Management, we are assiting owners sell their property short and we do our best to minimize the inconvenience to the tenants. If you are an owner or a tentant who has faced this situation, drop a comment below and share your expereince. 



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