Let’s say you’ve rented out all your units and no problems have arisen lately.  Suddenly, it comes to your attention that one of your units has a Sexual Predator/Sexual Offender.  What do you do?  Do you run screaming with pitchfork and burning, flaming torch and gather a mob?  No, what you do is reassure any concerned residents that you are fully aware that there is an “unauthorized person” or “unauthorized occupant” residing in the complex. 

     Next, boot up your computer and go to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website and look up the individual in question. If the person is a SP/SO, it will show up and give a brief description of the offense along with a physical description of the individual and a photo. An important aspect of the information will be the address that the individual has registered with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) website

     There are different laws regarding removal of the “unauthorized person”, depending on if the address is registered as your property address, if he or she is a resident or visitor or even on the lease or not.  You are under no obligation to send out a notice to the other residents that there is a Sexual Predator or Sexual Offender in the complex.  What you can say, is that you are full aware there is an “unauthorized person” in the complex and that taking all legal steps to have the person removed, and that it is a legal process that takes some time.