Grateful to Give Thanks

At this time of thanksgiving I am grateful for the many blessings associated with being the managing broker for what I consider to be the best property management company on the Space Coast. I am grateful for my amazing staff who works tirelessly to keep Showcase Property Management a great company. Being the largest management company in Brevard County, FL comes with a significant work load.  Our office processes hundreds of application per month with people searching for a place to live.


I am grateful to our owners who put their faith and trust in the Showcase Property Management Team. Keeping more than 2000 properties maintained across Brevard County, FL isn't always easy, but we make it our priority to keep all of our investment properties the most desired rental properties.


I am grateful for all the tenants who rent with Showcase Property Management. Keeping up with all the problems and issues that arise with rental homes is sometimes tough, but we make it mandatory to have our vendors respond as quickly as possible and resolve issues promptly.


I am grateful for all the Showcase vendors who provide exceptional service, even on week-ends and holidays like Thanksgiving. Many of our vendors have been with us for many years, I am grateful they make our properties a priority.


I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving video as much as I did; it made me realize how thankful I am for so many wonderful Showcase blessings. From our Showcase Property Management Family to your family… we wish you a Blessed Happy Thanksgiving.

Renting a Home After Short Sale or Foreclosure

With all of the short sales and foreclosures taking place borrowers are wondering how to rent with bad credit. Prospective Tenants have their credit pulled as part of the application process. Prior to the real estate anomaly, a low credit score would result in being declined, however, with the over whelming number of people losing their homes in short sales and foreclosures, owners and property managers find themselves making concessions.

In a post How to Rent a Home if You Have Bed Credit, Tamara Holmes reported, “According to a recent survey by, 81 percent of property managers have seen a decline in the credit worthiness or credit score of prospective renters, and due to the shift, 43 three percent of landlords reduced their credit policy standards in order to fill vacancies.”

I realize many of the people who have lost their homes are good people who just hit hard times. If a prospective tenant just has a blip on their credit report associated to a distressed sale situation and no derogatory or criminal issues, I go to bat for them with our owners. What prospective tenants need to understand is, owners are the ones that approve or decline. I have to say, most of the people who I have rented to that have come from a distressed sale have turned out to be some of my best tenants.

Prospective tenants should have a letter prepared explaining their situation and expect to pay first and last month’s rent, along with a security deposit, along with having, references you can provide.

We do our very best to help folks coming out of mortgage misery. You can search for rental properties at Rent With Karen















Investors Provide Rental Properties for Growing Demand

Many of our investors who have properties managed with Showcase Property Management are purchasing short sales and foreclosures and not just expanding their portfolio but meeting the growing demands of the rental market. In many cases the owners are able to remain in their home and pay rent, less than the mortgage payment they could no longer afford to pay.
Investors located all across the United States receive emails with MLS Property Alerts that have short sales and foreclosures for sale in prime rental markets in Brevard County, FL. Each time a distressed property comes on the market they receive an email notification that provides an MLS report of property details and photos. The KGB sales team assists with obtaining the properties our investors choose to buy.


Our turn key team includes qualilty professionals who are quick to provide estimates for property inspections, flooring, window and door replacement, window treatments, pest control, plumbing, electrical work, lawn and landscaping, pool service and a host of other sevices to help transform properties, especially foreclosures that can need extensive work. The investor is made aware of problems and can determine cost to rectify issues. If the property needs extensive work, our rehab team gets it back in tip top shape to be a desirable home we manage and market to rent. We refer to this has our Investor Turnkey Program

If you're an investor who wants to expand you portfolio or you want to get started with obtaining investment properties, just complete the information below:


Tips to secure your property in a hot rental market

Make preparations to rent property:

Due to short sales and foreclosures there is a high demand for rental properties. I recommend you view the Showcase Rental Application and gather all of the required documents you will need to submit your application, property management companies ask for basically the same information. Application fees which run from $45 to $75 must usually be in the form of a cashier check or money order. Typically personal checks are not accepted, some companies do accept a credit card, most do not.

If you have pets: at Showcase Property Management you will have to provide a recent pet certificate from your vet as well as an additional pet deposit.

Once you are approved: you will be required to provide the security deposit, do this as quickly as possible. The property remains on the market until the security deposit is paid in full. After the deposit is received and the property is removed from the market, the deposit is not refundable. This means  if you DO NOT sign the lease, the money for the security deposit IS NOT refunded.

Discuss making arrangement to turn on utilities when you provide your security deposit.

You will receive keys at the lease signing, if you request to move-in prior to your lease date, rent is pro-rated on a daily basis.  Prior to moving in be sure to take photos and note any issues pertaining to the property so you will not be held responsible.

Please keep in mind agents work on a percentage of the lease amount, they are not compensated until after the lease signing. Agents  work diligently to help you find the ideal place to call home, all they ask in return is your loyalty to work to them until you sign your lease.

You can request a copy of the Showcase Property Management application in the comment area below.

KGB Tenant Tips

In the 25 plus years I have managed properties, I have placed thousands of tenants in rental properties. The problem we confront most often is, dispute of the tenants’ security deposit. Prior to a tenant taking possession of a rental property, meticulous photographs are taken of every room the flooring, appliances (inside and out), the garage, the front yard, back yard, pool, patio every area of the property. When the tenant vacates the property photos are again taken of any damages and unclean areas.

At the time of lease signing, tenants are provided a copy of the exit inspection to help them prepare – should they decide to move from the rental property at the end of their lease. The exit inspection is again provided to tenants when they submit their 30 day notice to vacate to assist them with exiting the property. Still we continually are faced with disputes regarding the security deposit. The expectation from the owner/property management is that the property be left intact according the exit inspection. And in the end the final decision on the Security Deposit is always the Property Owner and not the Property Manager.

My team and I have come up with “KGB Tenant Tips” and will share these tips on our Facebook Business Timeline I invite you to follow our feed and learn how simple regular maintenance can maintain the property you rent and make all the difference at the time of move out and assist you in getting your security deposit returned.

Need help with locating a rental property? Visit us at

Short Sales and Foreclosures Shift Rental Market

All of the short sales and foreclosures taking place leave people in need of a home to rent, making it a great time for investors to purchase investment properties, not just in Brevard County, FL, but anywhere in the sunshine state. The post The New Growth Business; Becoming a Landlord states, “Investors from Warren Buffett to mega financiers like GTIS Partners to small-time wholesalers are looking to cash in on the U.S. Housing market.”

Typically investors worry about vacancy rate, but the distressed property real estate market has created a huge demand for rental properties which is likely to be in place for the next 10 years. At that time the market will rally back to stability, making it an ideal time to sell, perhaps to the tenants who are renting the property.

Buying investment property still requires expertise of what will be most rentable for the long haul and saleable in the future. There are constants in real estate investing that are timeless, meaning buying property because it’s cheap, doesn’t always provide the greatest rate of return.

The shift in the rental market makes it an ideal time to invest. Drop us a reply below to get a list of the ideal investment properties to purchase in Brevard County, FL.

Why You Should Buy a Rental Property…

I came across this post, Why You Should Buy a Rental Property and when I read, “The best investments we’ve made are the ones no one else would touch.” I can see why David Ackman is hot on the Single Family Home Rental Property.  “They are cheap,” he says.  “They are a buy.” All I have to say is I agree 100%, properties are cheap in many areas of Brevard County as well as the entire state of Florida.

Now is the time for investors to scoop up these properties priced drastically below market value. My long time experience as a property manager not only helps investors determine where to buy for the best rate of return, but I am also able to provide the services of managing properties and help protect their values. By conducting regular inspections, my team and I are able to determine if the property is being maintained and to check for issues tenants may not even realize are problems.

With all of the short sales and foreclosures there is a growing need for rental properties. People coming out of distressed sales need a place to live. Most of these people make excellent tenants, they’re just victims of the economic disaster.

Why should you buy a rental property? Because the time is ripe to buy not one, but maybe two or three rental properties. When the market rallies back to stability selling them should produce a very nice profit.


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