Spring Cleaning Tips for Tenants

Yes it’s the time year to spruce of for spring. I hope you enjoy this entertaining video with Ellen Degeneres, she really see the lighter side of spring cleaning.

It really is a good time to do spring cleaning before it gets too hot. This spring cleaning check list by Johnson provides a room by room guide to help you organize a plan of action. The Johnson guides advises, “why not approach the big job like a pro this year: create an action plan, assign tasks to specific family members (or even to a professional) and then reward everyone for a job well done. Don’t forget to hold a family meeting to brainstorm enticing and fun rewards that will inspire everyone to work hard!”

To help you out with your big spring clean, Johnson created seven handy and easy-to-use spring cleaning checklists: one for each room in your home, plus an extra to cover outdoor cleaning. If you get over whelmed, take a laugh break with Ellen Degeneres, she definitely see the light side when it comes to spring cleaning.

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