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feature post by Karin Morel

Tenants and Owners working from home, I am excited to share the facts about “promotional specialty advertising.” Look at your desk be sure to look inside your desk drawers……go ahead …If I was a betting girl; I’d say you have numerous custom promotional products at your finger tips.

Here’s what I collected from my desk:

A pen, mouse Pad, ruler, coaster, sticky notes, computer cleaner….. just ti name a few.

It’s simple: Promotional Specialty Advertising protects and promotes your brand as well as your identity. The best part promotional items can bring you more customers. One of the key advantages of using promotional products, is the frequency of exposure.

Imagine….your “identity or brand” featured on a product that is used on a daily basis.

Here are a few items to consider:

Dry Erase Memo Board: This item is offered in a full color imprint. With both sides imprinted; you can communicate a HUGE amount of information. We included our “menu items” (show board) from our “Appetizers”, “Entrees” and “Desserts and Extra’s”.

USB Drives: What better way to show properties and have your contact information ALL uploaded nicely for your clients viewing pleasure.

Jar Opener: Sure….this might look like an ordinary “jar opener”….. “not so”….it’s also a lint brush, cell phone holder… great on your dash board…..and it also works as a great “sink stopper”.

Keychain: How impressed will your client be when your present him or her with a “gift boxed” silver key chain with you logo engraved; they will think fondly of you daily and who knows; that could lead to a great referral for you!

For more information about pronoting your business from home contact Karin Morel with from All Promotions, Inc. …..your home for Mugs, Magnets and More!”

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