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In the 25 plus years I have managed properties, I have placed thousands of tenants in rental properties. The problem we confront most often is, dispute of the tenants’ security deposit. Prior to a tenant taking possession of a rental property, meticulous photographs are taken of every room the flooring, appliances (inside and out), the garage, the front yard, back yard, pool, patio every area of the property. When the tenant vacates the property photos are again taken of any damages and unclean areas.

At the time of lease signing, tenants are provided a copy of the exit inspection to help them prepare – should they decide to move from the rental property at the end of their lease. The exit inspection is again provided to tenants when they submit their 30 day notice to vacate to assist them with exiting the property. Still we continually are faced with disputes regarding the security deposit. The expectation from the owner/property management is that the property be left intact according the exit inspection. And in the end the final decision on the Security Deposit is always the Property Owner and not the Property Manager.

My team and I have come up with “KGB Tenant Tips” and will share these tips on our Facebook Business Timeline I invite you to follow our feed and learn how simple regular maintenance can maintain the property you rent and make all the difference at the time of move out and assist you in getting your security deposit returned.

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