Keep Green Grass with Your Investment Property

In the 15 years I have been providing landscape maintenance I’ve seen just about every problem that can arise when maintaining an investment property.

Here are the main issues I have encountered with neglected lawn maintainance:

· Irrigation system was turned off and the grass died

· Over grown trees damaged property and attracted pests and rodents

· Property owner fined by home owners association because of tenant neglect

· Infrequent, irregular mowing, which is the biggest culprit, ruined the lawn

Mowing the lawn is a very important part of proper yard care. There are a host of benefits that are associated with mowing the lawn that help maintain a property owner’s investment. Mowing the lawn serves a two-fold purpose. First, the cosmetic benefits can be noticed immediately and curb appeal always matters.

The other benefits that come with mowing the lawn on a regular basis may not be as immediately obvious, but they are even more important. Mowing the lawn helps keep your lawn healthy and eliminates pests from the grass at the same time. It also can ensure that various pieces of debris are picked up and are cleared every week; so that nothing really accumulates on the grass.

In a yard, resources are absorbed by the grass and used to grow. By slicing the growth down to a short and uniform level on a regular basis, all of the growth gets an equal distribution of resources. Due to this fact, mowing on a regular basis will allow the lawn to remain consistent in nature, because all of the resources that are gained from the sun and water are spread out evenly throughout the yard. Consistency is important to both health and appearance, so making sure that resources are evenly distributed is very important.

When the grass is cut, the hardiest and the healthiest shoots are the ones that do the best. With every cut, the best shoots will proliferate making the grass much more visible in nature overall. Even if a person is bagging when they are going through the process, some of the extra debris will be returned to the earth, the fallen shoots of grass help to fertilize the lawn. This plant matter composts quickly and revitalizes the soil underneath it. In this way, mowing helps to keep everything fresh and green!

Although we all want the perfect tenant, in reality you can’t leave your lawn maintenance to chance. It can cost between $2-5000 to replace just a front lawn. Therefore, it’s advantageous to hire a landscape contractor to help you maintain your properties value. Properties that are tended to on a regular basis have the grass mowed and the irrigation systems monitored. Issues are and problems can quickly be reported to your property manager.

I invite you to get a quote from Marlowe Landscaping, Inc, we promote quality service and lasting relationships. As I always say, “from the turf to the trees, we can help!”

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