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It is really from Greek ‘triphthongos’, which means ‘with 3 seems/tones’. See also diphthong , which commonly refers to there staying two different appears in one particular vowel-seem syllable.

Monophthong refers to a one pure vowel syllable audio. trisyllable – a phrase or (technically in poetry) a line of poetry that contains three syllables. trope – a trope is a term or phrase that is substituted metaphorically or symbolically to make an expression of some type. For illustration, the expression ‘Earn a crust’ uses the term ‘crust’ as a trope.

The expression ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’ works by using the phrase ‘cats and dogs’ as a trope. To say that anyone has a ‘razor wit’ makes use of the phrase ‘razor’ as a trope. From Greek, tropos, indicating flip or way. turn of phrase – an aged expression referring to a individual way of employing (ordinarily spoken) language which is quirky, coarse, amusing, clever, or or else unconventional.

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The time period is usually used to a acknowledged/named human being much significantly less generally to a team. Generally the expression is utilized euphemistically and ironically , for occasion in referring to a person’s use of rude, ‘ non-computer ‘, or offensive words and phrases, for example, “He has an appealing flip of phrase”. The phrase may possibly also be used virtually, for example, “She has an sharp/intelligent/amusing turn of phrase,” when referring to a person whose speech/creating includes such a high-quality. typo – a slang abbreviation derived from the total meaning ‘typographical mistake/mistake’, applied by writers, publishers and printers, at first referring to a slip-up (typically spelling or punctuation) in the typesetting phase of publishing, as distinct from a writer’s mistake of simple fact/spelling. The slang time writing custom period is nowadays applied much more widely in referring to a ‘keyboard’ slip-up by writers of all kinds, and by agencies included in printing and media, as distinct from an error thanks to a writer’s inadequate spelling or inaccurate points.

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At first the system of publishing included evidently divided stages of creating/origination, then typesetting (at which printing plates were being designed), then printing. Occasionally errors of interpretation or inaccuracy occurred at the typesetting phase, which may well or could possibly not be found before printing. Such problems were being known as typos, and the phrase has survived and thrived into contemporary periods.

The technological enhancement of publishing now allows writers and editors to regulate remaining output significantly extra reliably and straight, so the ‘typo’ expression now mainly refers simply to a writer’s keyboard mistake. typographics/typography – the study or artwork of developing and producing letters and other symbols ( glyphs ) utilized in printing and other textual copy, excluding handwriting. The word ‘type’ refers to the common direct letter-blocks utilised in traditional typesetting and printing.

The word typographics derives from Greek type, meaning type, and graphos , composing. typeface – an old conventional phrase for what is today named a font , or a lot more technically and usually a font family. Traditionally a typeface referred a lot more to a font loved ones, comprising marginally various kinds of lettering and other glyphs all centered all-around a most important structure. verb – typically children are taught that a verb is ‘a undertaking word’, which is a good definition. We could extend it to ‘a executing or taking place word’. Extra technically a verb is the ‘predicate’ (this describes what is occurring to the matter) in a phrase or sentence.

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