Tips to secure your property in a hot rental market

Make preparations to rent property:

Due to short sales and foreclosures there is a high demand for rental properties. I recommend you view the Showcase Rental Application and gather all of the required documents you will need to submit your application, property management companies ask for basically the same information. Application fees which run from $45 to $75 must usually be in the form of a cashier check or money order. Typically personal checks are not accepted, some companies do accept a credit card, most do not.

If you have pets: at Showcase Property Management you will have to provide a recent pet certificate from your vet as well as an additional pet deposit.

Once you are approved: you will be required to provide the security deposit, do this as quickly as possible. The property remains on the market until the security deposit is paid in full. After the deposit is received and the property is removed from the market, the deposit is not refundable. This means  if you DO NOT sign the lease, the money for the security deposit IS NOT refunded.

Discuss making arrangement to turn on utilities when you provide your security deposit.

You will receive keys at the lease signing, if you request to move-in prior to your lease date, rent is pro-rated on a daily basis.  Prior to moving in be sure to take photos and note any issues pertaining to the property so you will not be held responsible.

Please keep in mind agents work on a percentage of the lease amount, they are not compensated until after the lease signing. Agents  work diligently to help you find the ideal place to call home, all they ask in return is your loyalty to work to them until you sign your lease.

You can request a copy of the Showcase Property Management application in the comment area below.

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